I grew up in Australia, moving from six schools and eight houses by the time I was thirteen. I'm about to enter a seventh school: university. Though I'm no stranger to change, my life has been a series of destinations rather than a journey. Whenever I tell life stories, I can only manage the ending. I always forget how the rest of it goes.

Bearable's a record of stories and thoughts over the years, a timeline of sorts. I try and focus on the more interesting ones, because frankly, there is such thing as too much information. I think it's safe for you to expect posts about pop culture (especially books), social issues, politics, personal stories, writing, photography and life in general. Sometimes I'll have friends post about those things.

But of course, thanks to you if you're a reader, or if you cared enough to click the About page! You are my motivators. Thank you! Спасибо! Дякую! धन्यवाद! Danke! 감사합니다!