the blog

Q. Why The Bearable Blog?
A. It's a fun name. I picked an animal, attached a pun to it, added 'Blog' to it.

Q. What do you mean by 'social issues'?
A. Here, it's an umbrella term for current issues that affect society. E.g. internet, politics, feminism, war, religion, societal expectations, etc. (By the way, my views on social issues always change, so past posts don't represent my opinion right now, only at the time.)

Q. Can I put my content on your blog?
A. Depends on similarity of content and style. Shoot an email to!

Q. Can I put your content on my blog?
A. Yes, please credit & link.


Q. Are you Korean?
A. Yeah.

Q. Is Jo a nickname?
A. Pen name, actually.

Q. Myers-Briggs personality type?
A. INTJ (think Littlefinger & Tywin Lannister).